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Detroit lawyer talks with Notre Dame law students about Flint lawsuits

The legal battle in the Flint water crisis is just beginning.

This week, a Michigan attorney who’s suing the state was at Notre Dame to meet with law students.

Julie Hurwitz says the crisis in Flint shows there’s a big demand for civil rights lawyers.

Hurwitz practices law in Detroit and has filed three class action suits against the state and Gov. Rick Snyder.

Before Michigan state and city leaders begin a years-long process of replacing lead pipes in Flint, Detroit attorney Julie Hurwitz has already started what could be a long legal battle.

“It’s not simply a public health crisis, it’s a crisis in democracy. And it’s a crisis in issues of class and race and the rights of people to have a say,” Hurwitz said.

Hurwitz, who hosted a discussion with Notre Dame law students today, has filed three class action suits that put both the state of Michigan and Gov. Snyder in the crosshairs.

“It’s a crisis that’s not just affecting African Americans, not just minorities or poor people, but anybody represented in that community,” Notre Dame law student Lavarr Barnett said.

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