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FLINT (WJRT)- (2/16/16)- Twenty-five year old Tabatha has cerebral palsy. Everyday is challenging for her family, with Flint’s water crisis only adding to the burden.

” We’ve having a lot of behavioral issues. Because it broke up her routine. And I’m not bathing her like I should be because I need a bathtub full of water. And, by the time it gets warm and we get it full enough, she’s in a behavior because it took so long,” Tabatha’s mother Linda Ford said.

They’re not alone, Claudia Perkins-Milton says when the water was first switched from Detroit to the Flint river she broke out in rashes. Now she’s also worried about her nephew’s health.

” He has been down to the Genesee County health department. Out of everybody that’s been tested so far in Genesee County, he has one of the highest lead levels. And I think the highest was forty-five, it was really bad. His was twenty-seven, in Genesee County,” Perkins- Milton said.

Both families are now turning to local and state attorneys for justice.
In a packed room, the Flint Water Class Action Legal team held their second informational session, letting residents know their rights.

” This is a community that was number one, disenfranchised of their right to elect democratically elected leaders. And it’s important for people to be able to get some relief for the harms that they’ve suffered as part of a direct result of their disenfranchisement,” Kathryn Bruner James, Associate Attorney with Goodman & Hurwitz said.

Also joining the forum by phone was environmental activist Erin Brochovich. Speaking to Flint residents she congrautlated them for all of their hard work and informed them that she is fighting for them. Brochovich promises she will attend the next informational session in person.

Many people had to be turned away from Tuesday night’s meeting because of the large crowd. Officials say the next informational session will be held in a larger venue.

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