Please scroll through some of our attorneys’ defining moments:

In 1983, GHPC Partner Bill Goodman, on behalf of the ACLU, led a team that represented ‘freedom rider’ Walter Bergman in his lawsuit agents the FBI and the estate of J. Edgar Hover for their failure to protect the freedom riders from KKK violence.

In 1986, Goodman, on behalf of the NAACP, successfully sued the City of Dearborn for its unconstitutional residents only ordinance for its public parks.

In 1987, GHPC Partner Julie Hurwitz traveled to Nicaragua to act as a legal observer to the illegal acts of the Reagan White House and the Oliver North dirty contra wars.

Hurwitz was the founding Director of the Maurice and Jane Sugar Law Center for Social and Economic Rights. She pioneered the work of the Center as a nationally recognized resource in protecting the rights of workers. Both she and Goodman remain active in the work of the Center as Board members.

In 1995 and 1996, Hurwitz and Goodman  represented newspaper union members and supporters in their fight against union busting and for rights of protest. They successfully fought misdemeanor charges for their clients and obtained civil relief for the violation of their rights. Legendary lawyer Ernie Goodman was arrested for the first time in his life at the age of 89 in support of the strikers.

Goodman was the Legal Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights from 1998 to 2007.

In 2005, Goodman was featured in the “Public Lives” section of the New York Times for his high profile representation of a Yemeni sheikh charged with terrorism.

In 2005, counter-demonstrators at a neo-Nazi demonstration in Toledo, Ohio were attacked by police. News photographers Jim West and Jeffrey Sauger were arrested for photographing police misconduct. Hurwitz and Associate Kathryn Bruner James successfully represented West and Sauger in their §1983 action against the City of Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio.

In 2008, Goodman represented the Detroit City Council in its historic and successful struggle to remove Kwame Kilpatrick as the Mayor of the City of Detroit.

In 2007, Goodman, dressed as Santa, attempted to deliver 1000s of copies of the U.S. Constitution to President George W. Bush at the White House. Even with the help of a trusty elf, he was unsuccessful.